San Diego Harbour, CA. May 2013

Viaje a Salta

Let go jeans!!!

I had to travel in a rush to Amsterdam for business purpose. I had one of those trip, many connections, delays, and finally... British Airways lost my baggage. Bingo, welcome to the real world!

It was a singular trip since it started. When I said a rush, I mean a really really really rush. I left the office 7:30pm and took the taxi to the airport at 3:30am. I took my wife's advice and for the first time I traveled wearing sport clothes. In the bag, I carried formal clothes, of course, but finally... when I arrived Amsterdam, the baggage wasn't with me :(

It is 5pm, and tomorrow I have a business meeting with the CEO and CTO of our partner company. What shall I do? I can not go business wearing sport clothes, can I? How can I get a suit in 1 hour time tailored for me? No way...

Let go Amsterdam!!! I remember had bought my last jeans, Levi's 505, 10 years ago, when I was in the university, after that I have never worn jeans anymore. I went to a Levi's store and got a jeans after 10 years without wearing jeans. I must say, that I was surprised that after 10 years, maybe hundreds, Levi still doing exactly the same jeans :-)