It has been a good museum day. I have visited San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA). I have enjoyed it, however… I must say that after 3 years in London, I lost my capacity to adapt to the real world. Even when the museum is good, it doesn’t worth 12.50 USD. I like the London way where you can visit the major museums without paying entrance fee. After having the British Museum, The National Gallery, TATE Modern, etc. for free; pay 12.50 dollars is too much. Anyway… that’s America, at least the north one ;-)

I spent between 4 hours visiting it, which is not few bearing in mind that is not a huge museum and galleries are ‘small’.
It should be the fifth modern art museum I visited and I have experienced, once again, that bitter/sweet feeling of lurking around the galleries without being caught by the modern art.

Why did I say that it has been a good day if I don't like modern art experience? Easily because the SFMOMA has an amazing photography collection. I have really enjoyed it :-)
It has the permanent exhibition, called "Picturing modernity" and two temporally collections: "Mexico as Muse: Tina Modotti and Edward Weston" and "Imposing order: Contemporary Photography and the Archive".

The permanent collection holds amazing works such as daguerreotypes, early salt prints following Fox Talbot's method, and what it surprised me most was the "Mirror view of upper Yosemite Fall" by Cartelon E. Watkins, an amazing reflection of the fall in a small lake.

Modotti & Weston "Mexico as Muse" shows how well an acute photographer's eye can record a cultural and social landscape, here; the 1920's Mexico. It has many good shots, however the two which liked me most were Galvan shooting, Weston 1924 and Piramide del Sol, Teotihuacan, Modotti, 1923.